High Performance Internet

What is Netcelero?

Netcelero is a bonded broadband solution that delivers a carrier grade service to support real-time services at affordable pricing in a fully monitored environment.

In today’s world, businesses use the internet continuously from real-time services like Citrix, Office 365 and VoIP to critical systems such as CCTV or card payment services. Existing redundancy solutions are based on the needs of the business user from the early 21st century, and don’t take into account the modern business environment. Interruption to key services even for a short period risks business revenue, reputation and can destroy staff morale.

Netcelero combines multiple broadband connections into one seamless channel delivering next generation resilience, static IP addressing even over 3/4G and is capable of a sustained throughput of 100Mbps across your connections. The service is easy to integrate into existing networks, works with almost any protocol, ISP or mobile operator and can be deployed worldwide.

Features of Netcelero


By bonding any combination of available connections, Netcelero ensures you have zero downtime.


Our web-based dashboard gives you real-time visibility of every connection, from all providers, all in one place.


Netcelero bonds any combination of connections to produce a single faster broadband line – up to 100Mbps!


A static IP can be assigned to any connection or combinations thereof -including 3 or 4G. All you need is power & a signal to have a globally routable connection... anywhere.


Netcelero easily slots in to your existing infrastructure without the need for major network changes, lengthy reconfigurations or costly downtime.

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